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Protein Hacks You May Not Have Tried Yet

Updated: Jan 17

pancakes with berries
Photo credit: Jaqueline Pelzer, Unsplash

If increasing your protein intake is something you’re working on, it can take a little creativity to hit your target at first. Maybe some of these ideas will help!

  • Egg whites: Add to scrambled eggs or omelets, microwave in a round glass bowl to make an English muffin breakfast sandwich, or whip & fold into pancake or waffle batter

  • Nonfat Greek yogurt: Add to oats, top soup or chili, use in place of sour cream or oil in dressings & sauces (TRY: mix 50-60g w/salsa for a taco or burrito bowl “crema” sauce)

  • Cottage cheese: Blend until smooth and mix with marinara for pasta sauce

  • Protein powder: Add to hot chocolate, yogurt, oats, pancakes, waffles, or muffins

  • Pea protein crumbles: Add to soup, chili, tacos, or pasta



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