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What is Food Quality & Why Does it Matter?

various vegetables in baskets
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What is "food quality" and why does it matter if I'm hitting my calorie or macro goals?

Maybe you’ve heard someone say “if it fits your macros” or seen the acronym IIFYM. Does that mean you can eat whatever you want when you’re tracking macros?

Technically, yes. Anything you can fit into your budget is fair game. But let’s look a little closer.

Take a look at these two snacks with comparable macros but obvious nutritional differences:

2 snack examples with obvious nutritional differences

Can you spot the difference?

It isn’t the calories or macros but it is FOOD QUALITY.

Higher quality foods:

  • Are less processed (closer to their natural state)

  • Contain health-promoting nutrients like healthy fats, fiber, antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals

  • Are lower in added sugar, sodium, and artificial ingredients

  • Are more satiating (fill you up and keep you full longer)

The goal is to aim to have at least 80% high quality foods whether you’re tracking macros or not and spend the other 20% how you like- maybe on your favorite, less nutrient-dense things. 🍩


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