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Easy Macro-Friendly Spinach Lasagna

Pan of lasagna

After I posted this high-protein lasagna recipe on Instagram, I had multiple followers let me know that they made it and loved it so I wanted to give it home here too!

High-Protein Spinach Lasagna

Makes 5-6 servings

16oz (453g) reduced fat cottage cheese

Handful of fresh basil

4 tablespoons (20g) shredded parmesan

2 garlic cloves

Salt & pepper to taste

10oz (283g) frozen spinach, defrosted & squeezed dry

1 egg

6-8 oven-ready lasagna sheets

1 jar (25oz/700g) pasta sauce

6oz (168g) part-skim mozzarella cheese


  1. Heat oven to 375F (190C) degrees

  2. Add cottage cheese, basil, garlic, parmesan, salt, & pepper to food processor & process until smooth

  3. Stir in egg & spinach

  4. Coat bottom of an 8x8 inch pan with pasta sauce then layer x2: sauce, noodles, 1/2 cottage cheese mixture, sauce, mozzarella

  5. Cover w/ foil & bake for 30 min or until bubbling. Remove foil & bake for 15 more minutes. Cool for 10 min before serving to let it firm up

Approximate macros per serving (for 6 servings):

318 calories (29g carbs, 12g fat, 24g protein)

Pro tip: double the recipe to make two 8x8 pans of lasagna- one for tonight and one to freeze for next week!


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