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How to Hit a Full Day of Macros

Updated: Jan 17

breakfast with lots of carbs
Photo credit: Brooke Lark, Unsplash

Learning to hit your macro targets is a skill that gets MUCH easier with practice. Over time you will:

  • Build up a list of personal go-to meals that you know fit well

  • Get better at knowing how to plug macro holes (a scoop of protein powder here, a dollop of Greek yogurt there…)

  • Have meals on repeat when life is busy so you can focus on what needs your attention more than your macros

✍️ TIP: I encourage you to pre-log your food to help avoid a game of macro tetris at the end of the day.

How to hit your macros for the day

Step 1: Know your numbers: Divide your macro targets by the number of meals you plan to have for the day to get an idea of your "budget" for each meal. It could look something like this:

potential daily macro goals

Step 2: Pre-log your day before you eat: Start with logging your breakfast - how does it compare to your "budget"? If it's close, move on to lunch. If not, adjust portions or foods to get closer to your targets:

adjusting breakfast to hit macros

Step 3: Repeat for lunch and dinner: Repeat step 2 for your remaining meals then take a look at your macros for the day. Where are you over or under?

adjusting macros to hit targets

Step 4: Adjust as needed. Some ways to adjust:

  • Increase or decrease portion sizes

  • Replace higher fat or carb foods with lower calorie alternatives

    • Whole eggs --> egg whites

    • Rice or pasta --> protein or low carb pasta or rice, "zoodles", or cauliflower rice

    • Full fat dairy --> low or nonfat dairy

    • Butter or oil --> cooking spray, broth, steam

  • Just need to add protein? Add egg whites, whey protein isolate powder, nonfat Greek yogurt, white fish (like tilapia or cod) or shellfish, turkey or chicken breast, pea protein crumbles

  • Need a lot more protein or other macros? Build a snack that fills in the gaps (hint: protein shakes can be helpful!)

Food list for adjusting macros (carbs, fats, and protein)


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