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How to Quickly Log Repeat Meals in MyFitnessPal

Avocado cut in half

Use the Meals feature in MyFitnessPal for meals you eat frequently.

Option 1: If the meal is already logged, tap ... next to ADD FOOD in your diary, then tap Save as Meal:

MyFitnessPal Save as Meal

Option 2: Tap EDIT at top of diary then select the bubble(s) for the meal or ingredients to include. Tap SAVE MEAL. This option allows you to include or remove ingredients as needed:

MyFitnessPal create a meal

MyfitnessPal save meal

Option 3: Create a meal on the Meals tab: Tap ... More at the bottom of the screen, then tap My Meals, Recipes & Foods:

MyFitnessPal create new meals

Next tap the Meals tab then Create a Meal:

MyFitnessPal meals

Log a meal

To log a meal, tap ADD FOOD in your diary:

Log a meal MFP

Then tap + on the meals tab for the meal (you may need to search for it):

Log meals in MyFitnessPal

As you build up a list of meals you cook frequently, this will likely be something you use often.


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