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How to get back on track after travel

bowl of oats with berries

How great is that feeling when you’re back home after a trip, the laundry is done, the fridge is stocked, & you’re ready for a fresh week? 😌

Nothing makes your routine feel like home like not doing it for a while.

I love so much about traveling including the way it narrows my focus to the moment I’m in.

☀️ It forces me to consider things that are usually automatic like- what do I want to do today?

☀️ It brings mindfulness like- how does this new food taste?

☀️ It helps me fine-tune the way I do things when I bring new ideas & experiences home with me.

It is that & so much more.

But how do we get back to the routine when we’re home?

Some ideas to make it easier:

🥗 Plan & shop for 2-3 meals, restock your staples (if you’re super organized you can place a grocery delivery order before your trip or while you’re traveling home so your groceries arrive when you do)

🧺 Unpack, do a load of laundry

🏋️ Get in a workout even if it’s short. If you didn’t train during your trip you may want to ease back in with shorter &/or lighter workouts

🎧 Put on the music that makes you feel like you & go for a walk

💅🏻 Take care of you: nails, toes, face mask- whatever makes you feel cared for

💧Hydrate (especially if you've had a long flight)

🛌 Get a good night of sleep

Don’t get stuck in the inertia of “off the wagon” or "all or nothing" thinking. Do what you know will help you- it doesn’t take a lot to create momentum!

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1 Comment

Melissa Castillo
Melissa Castillo
Jul 12

That's really a nice summary of how coming back home feels to me. Thanks for putting words to what I experience.

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