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Are You Working on Your "Summer Body"?

lying on the beach in a hat and sunglasses

Are you working on your "summer body"? Me too, but maybe not in the way you think I mean...

Let me tell you more.

What I'm doing to work on my "summer body"

kayaking woman

I'm following a structured strength training program so I can paddle at sunset with my favorite people.

I can recommend a program for you. 💪

hiking woman crossing a creek

I'm walking, running, swimming, skiing, snowshoeing, and keeping my heart and lungs strong so I can hike up mountains to see beautiful views with ease.

Do you need help with this? 🏔️

woman swimming in the caribbean sea

I'm eating to fuel well so I'll have energy to spend long afternoons swimming in my favorite places.

I can make this simple for you too. 🍎

boy hiking in lake tahoe

I'm spending at least a few minutes each day on intentional rest so I'll be able to easily sink into the downtime of lying in a hammock or drinking coffee by the river on family camping trips.

When we spend all of our time in hurry-scurry mode, it can be hard to down-regulate.

Rest is a practice too! 🧘‍♀️

couple in front of a giant tree

These are the days, friends. Keep spending your moments how you want to spend your life.

Let me know if you need help. 💕


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